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Is it nacessary to use disposable toilet cushions?


        As we all know,toilet is a dispensable facility in our life, because there isno much time allowed before we find a toilet when the call of nature occurs.According to an estimation from WHA, everyone goes to the toilet 6-8 times per day on average, namely, 2500 times in total a year, or in other words, everyone spends 3 years of his or her life in the toilet. So a clean toilet is of great importance to everyone.


1.Why should we use disposable toilet cushions?

        Since we use the toilet everyday, an unclean toilet may pose threats to our health. Statistics shows that the lack of clean and sanitary toilet environment causes 1.5 million children infected with chronic diarrhea and even died of it, that is a disaster to human's health environment.

        According to the statistics by scientists, there are as many as 3.2 million bacteria in every 30 square centimeters of the inner wall of the flush toilets.Dysentery bacillus that can severely threaten human health are detected with a percentage of 32% on the toilet seats that contact with human skin. In public toilet, various bacteria and fungus get much easier access to infect  many users.

        As a result of above, when some people use flush toilets, public ones in especial, they use tissues to wipe the seat and put extra tissues on it to avoid infection.It seems safer, but actually not.

        There used to be a news: an 8-year-old girl got infected with gonorrhea not directly by sitting on the seat, the true cause is that she accidently touched the bacteria when she cleaned the seat by tissues. So it's really necessary to put a disposable toilet cushion on the toilet seats.


2.The application scope of toilet cushion.

        Generally, the use of toilet cushion is not recommended in the perspective of families, regular cleaning the toilet is enough. Anyway, it depends on your need whether to use or not.


3.How to choose a toilet cushion?

        When choose a toilet cushion, the permeability and antimicrobial property are primary considerations. Cushions made from charcoal fiber or leather are correct since they are both practical and common, but people often forget to clean them. Besides, cotton cloth cushions are not reconmmended despite their comfort, because they can be hotbeds for bacteria.


4.How to use disposable toilet cushions?

        It's quite easy, before you use the toilet, press the button or activated the sensor to roll out a piece of new disposable cushion, thus protecting yourself from possible cross infection.

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